Thursday, February 7, 2008

What? No Twizzlers?

This morning on the radio they were discussing a hypothetical Candy Hall of Fame. The idea being to choose the top 8 kinds of candy that were the most classic, most appealing of all time.

It was pretty funny. At one point I thought callers were about to climb through the phone to argue why the Baby Ruth should be included over the Butterfinger.

Here's what they ended up with:
Reeses PB Cup
Hershey Bar
Tootsie Pop
Jelly Bellies

Among the many runners-up: Kraft Caramels, Pez, Milky Way, 3 Musketeers, Baby Ruth , and TWIZZLERS.

I'm still trying to process the shock. Is there anyone in the universe who would eat a Butterfinger over Twizzlers? And what about caramel? Can you imagine a Candy Hall of Fame with no caramel? I thought not.
We can do a much better job with this. So help me out.

Here's MY Proposed Candy Hall of Fame:
  1. Hershey Bar - Is there anything more classic, and with wider appeal?
  2. M&M's - they've definitely made their mark. (Although personally I'd prefer the Canadian Smarties.)
  3. Snickers - not my favorite, but it's a classic.
  4. Reeses Peanut Butter Cup - I mean, come on - there's NO wrong way to eat it. Unless you start in the middle and make a big mess. That would be very wrong.
  5. Twizzlers - I'm totally bumping the Lifesavers on this because of the longevity factor. Does anyone under the age of 60 buy Lifesavers anymore?
  6. Tootsie Pop - Well, they're still running the SAME commercial from 40 years ago. I think you've got to call that classic.
  7. Rolos or Kraft Caramels - I can't decide whether to go pure classic, or throw the chocolate in for wider appeal.
  8. Jelly Bellies - I'm not sure these really belong here, but I can't think of anything that deserves the spot more.
These are not all my favorites, but by golly, they're classics. Your turn to chime in - tell me what I missed and what you would bump for it. Tomorrow I'll post the final list.

And if you've been reading for awhile, but never chimed in? This might be a good one. All opinions welcome. Well, all you know, nice opinions.


East of Eden said...

I totally agree with you on the Twizzlers, they are the best.

I do actually buy lifesavers. I love them.

As for my candy pics....

Junior Mints (they're chocolate, they're mint, they're refreshing Jerry!)


Sugar Babies/Daddy

Tootsie Rolls (becuase the world looks mighty good to me, for tootsie rolls are all I see...)

Wrigly's Spearmint and Juicy Fruit Gum (does gum count? I think it should).

Reeses Pieces

Baby Ruths

Charelston Chews


Neccos, especially the candy heart Neccos.

JustRandi said...

Hmmmm. I might be willing to replace the Tootsie Pop with the Tootsie Rolls. I don't know.

I also like the Neccos and the Junior Mints as classic candies, but what would you take off the list to put these in?

And speaking of candy hearts, that reminded me of candy corn! Hmmmm...

Paul said...

I'm thinking of a word, and it starts with "Sour Patch Kids."


On a slightly unrelated note (but one that sort of fits, considering your obsession with popcorn), have you ever heard of something like this? At movies, my wife's favorite thing is to take Milk Duds (those are the things with caramel in the middle, right?) and throw them in her popcorn. Then, she takes a bite of popcorn with a Milk Dud, and claims it to be like eating caramel corn.

I get my own popcorn.

Scuttle said...

Almond Joy's got nut mounds don't

Doran & Jody said...

I am with you on the Twizzlers and the other posts...But...what??? No Smarties? What about chewy Sprees and York patties and Cherry-A-let? Oh my. I need to think of carrots, celery, apples. GREAT! Now my cravings are going wacko.

Buddy said...

Well, I would take off the twizzlers for sure. And rightly so - they taste like plastic.

To replace the twizzlers, I'd put up red vines. No contest. I think the majority of licorice fans would agree.

If this is MY candy list, I'd take off snickers and replace it with milky way. I just don't like the nuts. But this would be MY preference, and I suppose I could agree that snickers deserves a better spot in the "hall of fame".

JustRandi said...

Why don't you just put Play-Doh in there and get it over with?

(Red Vines.... whatever.)

I agree on the Snickers/Milky Way thing, though.

No Cool Story said...

Mmmm candy...*drools*

Jenny said...

I can't believe the beloved candy corn did not make the list...:)

Emily! said...

Twizzlers?!? (sticks out tongue and shivers) Red vines all the way! And who ever said sour patch was a genius! mmm-mmmm!

kristen said...

Red Vines over Twizzlers any day. Twizzlers DO taste like plastic.

As long as Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are on there.

But I would add Kit-Kats. (Give me a break! Give me a break! Break me off a piece of that kit-kat bar!)

Yvonne said...

Oh, yum, my kind of a post. lol at east of eden--those Junior Mints are very refreshing. I so agree with you about the lifesavers. Regarding M&M--I like them so much better than Smarties.

My pics would be: M&M's, Hershey Bar, Almond Joy, Junior Mints, Big Hunk (I could bite my tongue, but I don know everyone doesn't like chocolate), Milk Duds, Rolos, Peppermint Patty, and Twizzlers.

Although I used to enjoy Abba Zabba and cherry-a-let (thanks for the reminder doran&jody)

Kimberly said...

Oh my. I need to shut my brain off now. Good thing I'm too sick to go shopping or I'd be glaring at you, I would! =P

Pedaling said...

snickers, yes. i also real like bit o honey. probably not popular enough. oohh and milk duds - i think they are my fav!

nice comment on my blog - but those pics were just designs i like - none were of my actual home.

Baby J said...

What about Razzles??

jjstringham said...

Well I would definitely take off Twizzlers, and no need for Red Vines either. They're both yuck. I definitely think tootsie rolls need a spot in there (did you know that they were the first individually wrapped candy?. . . or something like that. . . it was on Oprah). And Pez at least still deserves a runner up. Not the best tasting candy, but still a definite classic. And what happened to Pop Rocks?

Pedaling said...

give it some time and thought - on the voting thing.

Heather said...

Ummm.... there are so many options, how do you choose?? I think that you need to consider WHOPPERS. THey are like a staple!!

Janell said...

Tizzlers are an abomination. I much prefer Red Vines and Black Vines. (Yes, I'm one of those crazy people who love the taste of black licorice.)

The MomBabe said...

hmmm. I'm gonna blow this one outa the water

1. Sour Patch Kids
2. Gummi Bears
3. Rope Licorice (or red vines if all else fails. Twizzlers are the devil)
4. Caramello
5. swedish fish
6. Now & Later
7. Caramel Apple Pops
8. Blow-Pops

Can you tell I'm not a big Chocolate fan?

Maybe we need 2 lists. Chocolate vs. non-chocolate.

I expect it to post tomorrow ;)

Make and Takes said...

Cadbury Eggs are at the top of my list and just coming into the stores now. Early for Easter, but just in time for me. I know they are a seasonal item, but they are the biggest selling holiday candy, at least I think they are!

Paul said...

I just don't do the chocolate thing very well.

I would concur with most of what the mombabe (Ms. Babe?) listed, with a few exceptions and additions.

Caramello. We sold them for a high school fund raiser back in the olden days. I was a growing lad with lots of hunger and no discipline, so I ate the box I was supposed to sell. Bad times. Not good times.

Now and Later. A candy that is stale when you buy it. What am I missing?

Caramel Apple Pops. Not many people know this, but there is a secret society of dental industry people. It's true - I read it once. It's headquarters is in Omaha. They fund a candy manufacturing plant that makes these devilish little confections. Just Sunday, I'm eating a caramel apple pop whilst enjoying the Super Bowl when suddenly, my tongue feels a big canyon where one of my molars is supposed to reside. I realized that my caramel apple pop had become a caramel apple crown pop. It was like a demon reached in and adorned my dental work with evil.

As for Ms. Babe's list, I would maybe add Dots and Jujubes. Oh, and those chewy Sweet Tarts. And Spree, up until the part where your tongue bleeds.

Jessica G. said...

So I started thinking about what to include but after reading all those yummy comments, I am searching the house frantically for some candy. I found a Halloween stash...too old to eat? Might have to crack open the stuff I got the kids for their valentines...

Oh, and I second the motion to include Junior Mints. Especially if they're frozen.
(found you thru LDS Women bloggers)

Tami Vincent said...

I cant believe no one has said Twix. I do have to agree with Twizzlers. I think it must be from Lake Powell. I will always remember eating Twizzlers there. And how can you do any kind of project without twizzlers?

"Vern" said...

With the exception of the ages of our children, we lead such parallel lives!! It's a little scary sometimes. I thought about calling in with suggestions for Red Vines, Jelly Bellies, or Junior Mints. Movies + Junior Mints = a happy vern.

mindyluwho said...

Here's one person in the universe who would eat a Butterfinger over Twizzlers! However I agree with you about the carmel.

Mindyluwho's Candy Hall of Fame list:

Reeses PB Cup
Milk Duds
Sugar Babies

Marilyn said...

I think I am the ONLY one in the world that likes Bit O Honeys. My kids used to volunteer them to me out of their Halloween call me weird...I just like 'em. BTW-I like Red Vines better than Twizzlers, I think they taste better....i know..i know...i'm weird

Mimi said...

I dont really have too much of a preferance, as long as its candy, and it contains no nuts coming off of a tree, than I'm good.As for the whole twizzler red vines debate, I dont really get the difference between them, I mean seriously. They're both long, they're both red, and they both are in the form of a stick.

Tonya said...

I acutally like your list. Twizzlers are one of my all time favorites so that is a must. They are so much better than regular ol red vines. YUMMY!

Very tasty post!

Corrine said...

Oh dear Randi I have to disagree about the twizzlers and would replace them with the ever better and more classic RED VINES!! I think those are a to love them. HMMM...

as far as the others go I think they are classics, but I have always loved a good big Hunk...

oh i do think sweet tarts should be there some where or jolly ranchers?? I don't know I don't think I could narrow it down to just eight....

Lauren said...

I don't like Twizzlers, but tha tis because I only like chocolate candy. Hmmm...

I pretter much agree with all of your choices. I would add Skittles though :)

Lippy said...

Wait! Why have only 8??? That's too arbitrary.

I tend to not think of things like Life Savers and TicTac's as candy so I'd replace Life Savers with Mounds bars. (allergic to nuts, otherwise Almond Joy)

And PlayDoh should get at least an honorable I the only kid that ever sampled that?

What about Godiva chocolate?

I like Nestles Crunch Bars.

Oh this could go on all night. And I have NO chocolate here at the moment so...

I like Twizzlers. :)

Two Princess Girls said...

I think the list is near perfection. The only addition is a Twix bar. I'd personally replace it for the snickers :)

Heidi said...

You can tell you are not a pure chocolate enthusiast. My list would not include a single thing that was not chocolate.

I have a whole bowl of Nerds, Twizzlers, and Lifesavers left over from Christmas. I won't touch them. The chocolate was eaten LONG AGO!

Jill said...

I don't really like twizzlers, but if there are some in the house, for some reason I just can't stop eating them.
I vote for three musketeers. And peanut butter cups.
I don't like Baby Ruth.
I'll eat a snickers if I'm desperate for chocolate, but they're not my first choice. I don't usually like candy with peanuts in it, because if there's a bad nut in it, it ruins the chocolate, and you have a nasty taste in your mouth for the rest of the day.
Almonds, however, are a totally different story. Love them!
I could eat an entire bag of Almond Joys.

Paul, are you serious?
Sour patch???? EEWWWW

What about bottle caps, pez and pop rocks? Now there's a blast from the past.
I agree, there needs to be a chocolate list, and a non chocolate list.

Paul said...


I think it might be an acquired taste. I went through a Sour Patch Kids stage - strangely enough, it's sort of passed for me. Don't get me wrong, I still like them. We're more just friends.

I feel so foolish for having forgotten Big Hunks (corrine's mention of them refreshed my memory), though. I had knee surgery late last summer, and the pharmacy from which I purchased my Percocet sold Big Hunks. On a whim, I bought one - vaguely recalling eating them as a kid.

Well, let me just tell you. The next few weeks were a blur. The Big Hunk candy bar and I had so much catching up to do - just rolling back the years. Now, it's like, "Big Hunk, I don't know how to quit you!"

But you know what? If enjoying a little chewy nougat with peanuts is wrong, then I don't want to be right!

TheDillon6 said...

red vines (preferably ropes)
junior mints
peanut m&m's
reeses pieces
bit o' honey
big hunk
abba zabba

Nancy Face said...

Sorry...I don't like Twizzlers! :0

I can't get Rolos off my mind!

Summer said...

Hopped on over from LDSWomen Blogs.

I have to say Twizzlers (licorice in general) is my least favorite candy ever.

I'm always amazed that there are people who love them so much. Guess they're one of those love or hate type of things.

Reese Pieces are my number one candy of choice.

Melissa said...

Gummy Bears or Worms... not that those are my favorite, but can you get classier than candy shaped like a gross insect? I think not...