Friday, February 8, 2008


I just have a few things to tidy-up. So, in no particular order:

Lizzie turned in her schedule this morning. She decided to take the AP English, and cut back on some of her other difficult classes. Good-bye Spanish 4.

Hannah decided to take a semester off. Can you believe she didn't decide immediately to become a plumber after it was clearly drawn out of the jar? What the hey?
Anyway, she's going to attempt to clear her head a little bit and figure out what she wants to do.

Buddy has spent some time on the phone with the church missionary dept, and they would like him to clear up a medical thing before they proceed. So we're pushed back about 6 weeks. I'll let you know!

Mimi - I have no idea. Apparently on her registration card for next year she needed signatures from all her teachers, but not a parent. I asked her yesterday when she had to turn in her card, and she informed me that they did that last week.
Hope she took something good. ( That's the difference between the first child and the fourth. See, 8 years ago I would have marched down to the counselor's office and demanded to see the card. Now I know that she probably did fine, and heck, nothing is permanent. We'll deal with it in the fall if we have to.)

I love awards! I know they aren't, you know, going to be sending me any cash and prizes or anything, but it's fun to be noticed and appreciated.

I was so excited when Kristin gave me this:
And I decided to turn around and give it to some blogs that have recently made me smile. So this one goes to Heidi, Janell, Corrine, and Two Princess Girls.

And then Nancyface gave me this:

Which I would like to award to Lippy, and Lauren who are consistently excellent in having new and interesting things up regularly.

Congratulations everybody!

And finally -

The Candy Hall Of Fame

Now, as I said before, these are not supposed to be my favorites. They are just the ones I would say are the most classic. They have proven themselves with longevity and with appeal to the masses.

My final list is pretty similar to my beginner list. You brought up lots of yummy ideas, but not too many that were more classic than say, the Snickers bar. So here's my final list!

  1. Hershey Bar
  2. M&M's
  3. Snickers
  4. Reeses Peanut Butter Cup
  5. Tootsie Pops
  6. Twix - gets the caramel onto the list, and yet so much more!
  7. Junior Mints - yes, you convinced me that these are more classic than jelly bellies
  8. TWIZZLERS, ahem.
And it's killing me that I can't justify candy corn on the list. Now, if it were a pure list of my favorites, candy corn would be the top 3. Followed closely by Lindt pistachio bars for the next 2. Then red swedish fish, twizzlers, and possibly a Milky Way or Twix. That's all I'm sayin'.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

I saw the most awesome award ever in someone's sidebar procaliming them to be the 'Reddest Of The Rednecks' Award.

Boy Howdy, I want me one of those.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

I'm a peanut butter cup kind of gal followed by red licorice, Mr. Goodbar, and peanut/almond M&M's.

Janell said...

Thank you!

Someone has to support Twizzlers or else Hershey would have to remove them from their theme park and hundreds of people would have to transfer to a different candy division. Just don't make me eat it!

It sounds like you and your kids are pretty much in control. Good job! Best of luck to Lizzie and her course load. She can do it! Rah rah!

Kimberly said...

Wow, lots on the go, eh?

And stop making me hungry!

Yvonne said...

I think it's great that you relax more with the 4th child--I'm such a control freak it doesn't matter which one it is--I'M RIGHT THERE!!!

Can't wait to hear about buddy's call.

Congrats on the awards--you deserve every award out there.

Love the list. I'm such a candy person.

Corrine said...

oh dear Randi, I do believe you made an error in putting twizzlers before red vines :)

Loved the update on your kids, hope all is well with Buddy, look forward to hearing about his call.

glad your girls have made some final choices about their education.

and THANK YOU for the award!!! I am totally flattered!

Two Princess Girls said...

You're giving me an award? Awe! Thanks! It's my very first one, and I'm SO excited. Thank you!!

Heather said...

GOSH! I've been sitting here for 2 mins trying to think of something to type.... nothing.

Medical issues are so overrated... just kidding. Good luck with the stuff!!

No Cool Story said...

Congrats on your award :)
And YAY for snickers. I love snickers.

So Hannah drew plumber from the jar. Cool!

Jenny said...

I am glad you did some housekeeping today. The FLY lady would be proud! :)

I applaud you for sticking to your origional theme on the candy list (and not letting your own opinions stray you from the intentions.)

kristen said...

So she decided to take the class. Did she at least read all of our advice? ;-)

6 weeks of waiting for a call would seem like an eternity. Good luck with that.

You know, I hear plumbers make good money.....

I loved your pictures of the two types of licorice; although I think the crossed-out sign needs to go on the Twizzlers ;-)

Tori :) said...

I used to like Twizzlers more, but lately I've been shakin things up by eatingRed Vines. I don't know why...

mindyluwho said...

Good for Lizzie!

Darn, who's going to unplug the toilet now?

Six more weeks??? I can't take the anticipation...

And Mimi...independence will serve her well.

Yay for for no Butterfinger!

Lippy said...

Aww, I like it here. If I bring some Twizzler's can I stay?

Thanks for the Big E award!

Nancy Face said...

The whole candy thing is making me crazy...I WANT SUGAR! Lots of it!!!

Excellent housekeeping! ;)

East of Eden said...

Lindt has pistachio bars? Good gracious, I need to find these things NOW!

Lena said...

THanks a lot. Your title reminded me I need to get up and clean! Now I'll never get a post done! lol

C. said...

Hi, I've popped over from Jimmy's place, nice to meet you. Oh m'gosh. Swedish Fish first, followed by Gummies and then Twizzlers. Of course, this only works because we're not talking chocolate specifically...hehehe. ;) C.

Nancy Face said...

I have yet another award for you...

Lauren said...

Hooray for no Spanish 4! Bummer we can't find out where your boy is going yet...and that's awesome your daughter is taking a semester off...I wish I could.

Thank you for the award!!!!! You are sweet :)

I wish candy corn made the list...I love it. I think I blogged about it 15 times last fall.

Melissa said...

Um... you ACCIDENTALLY drew a big red circle and a slash through the BEST licorice in the world... just thought you'd like to know... :)