Thursday, May 1, 2008


Today on the radio, they were talking about the best songs for driving. Apparently, recently someone took a survey, and let people vote on the best EVER song for driving. I don't know who, OK? I just report this stuff, I don't research it. Obviously. Probably the radio hosts got their information off the internet, so you KNOW it's good.

Anyway -
The top driving song ever? Is apparently, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Which I may very well agree with. Especially considering the other songs that were mentioned. Um, Satisfaction? I guess I'm not a big Stones fan. Country Roads? well, I like John Denver and everything, but that wasn't the very first song that came to mind. I'm not sure it would have ever come to mind.

But anyway...

It occurred to me that my summer is shaping up to be a LOT of driving, and maybe I should get together some kind of playlist.

And in the interest of not just putting Bohemian Rhapsody on permanent repeat, I wondered what else was out there. Here's what I've got:
Bohemian Rhapsody
Life is a Highway.

Yeah, I don't think that list is even going to get me out of Denver. Suggestions?


jjstringham said...

I thought of Love Shack. Probably because I picture the video where they're driving around in a convertable. I'm not sure if it'd really be considered a good driving song though. I'd probably just put the two songs you listed on repeat until my kids started begging for their Wiggles songs. Which would be all of 30 seconds I'm sure.

Jill said...

I agree with Bohemian Rhapsody. When my kids were little, I taught them the appropriate place in the song to begin the "head banging" (you know, like in Wayne's world")
People would look at us funny. It was great.

How about the music from the video you posted a while ago? "Harder, better, faster, stronger?"

Sorry, I don't have any other suggestions right now. I'll think about it.

Jill said...
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Jill said...

What about "Rock lobster" by the B52's?

the MomBabe said...

I don't even know. My car music consists of Disney, disney, and more disney.

I just love toddlers.

How bout Avril Lavigne "girlfriend"?

the MomBabe said...

I don't even know. My car music consists of Disney, disney, and more disney.

I just love toddlers.

How bout Avril Lavigne "girlfriend"?

Heather said...

Road tripping music consists of us putting the ipod on shuffle...

Melissa said...

Well, I'm fond of just about everything on my blog playlist... I think most of it would be good driving music. As for me, I like to listen to books while I'm driving... and you can download a lot of them from iTunes...

Kimberly said...

Oh I luuuurve Life is a Highway! Great driving song!

I'd suggest listening to the playlists on different people's blogs (I've got fab one =P ), then making your own. Project playlist is great for that.

JustRandi said...

Love the Love Shack. Never heard of Rock Lobster, but I'll look for it! I like Avril, and I gotta find a more edited version of Girlfriend.

How many people will I offend if I say that I have blog playlists permanently disabled on my computer because they distract me? Forget I said that.

I like a lot of variety. They don't actually have to be about driving, they just have to be fun and keep me awake. Not sad or slow.

How about I Get Around and Fun, Fun, Fun by the Beach Boys
Oooooo and
Bus Stop by the Hollies

kristen said...

The whole 'Best of the Beach Boys' is a great album for traveling.

Tom Petty's pretty good, too.

80's and 90's tunes make for great reminiscing on the road.

Tonya said...

Just about any Journey song would be good but especially Open Arms. Footloose by Kenny Loggins. Most 80's songs are good and peppy.

No Cool Story said...

I also vote for Love Shack.

Blur- Song number 2
The Verve- Bitter Sweet Symphony
blind melon -no rain

miggy said...

I also love Fleetwood Mac for driving. Rhiannon anyone?

miggy said...

You should also check out Kings of Convenience--good mellow driving music...might not be your cup of tea, but you really might like them.

Also, since I'm in love with Dan In Real Life, that soundtrack would be great driving music. (Music by Sondre Lerche).

Corrine said...

Don't ask me, check out my playlist, I am horrible about remembering songs and who sang them, but I'd have to say if you can sing along with it, and sing out loud than you got a winner.

Help I need a user name! said...

I like the entire Endless Summer album by the Beach Boys. Also the first Big & Rich cd, Horse of a Different Color (but you gotta love contemporary country-it'll hold your attention!). I also like the new Madonna song I heard yesterday for the first time, 4 minutes to save the world. It has a good beat, but I have NOT listened to all the lyrics, mostly because I have a ginormous headache and can't stand light or much sound. But even through a headache I liked that song, and it's pumpin'.

I also like Gloria Estefan/Miami Sound Machine (I think the cd is bad boys, it has that song on it)

If you get the clean version, Gwen Stefani's Hollaback Girl is good, and so is The Sweet Escape (think "woo-hoo...weeee-ooooooo).

In case you can't tell, I like energetic music to drive with! :)

East of Eden said...

More than a song list I have a CD list that we always take with us...

Sting: Fields of Gold, 10 Summoners Tales

Fleetwood Mac Greatest Hits

Journey Greatest Hits

Anything by Alison Kraus and Union Station

Cake and Pie by Lisa Loeb

Wicked, Joseph and the Amazing Dream Coat, 1776 soundtracks

John Mayer, Room for Squares

Imogen Heap/Frou Frou

They Might Be Giants: Flood

SixPence None The Richer: The Divine Discontent

Simon & Garfunkle Greatest Hits

One MoTab, incase we have to travel on a Sunday

And...Keane: Hopes and Fears.

Happy Driving

Becky said...

I always like anything by Bryan Adams, and anything by Rascal Flatts. That pretty much covers it for me, although I might have to try some of the suggestions that my fellow bloggers have given!!

"Vern" said...

Hip to Be Square - Huey Lewis
One Night Stand - Enrique Iglesias
All Night Long - Lionel Richie
A Nose is A Nose - Saturday's Warrior

surely you get that I'm kidding? Although the Ping Pong song by Enrique IS very catchy and gets me up steep hills on my bike

Stacey said...

~Rascal Flatts especially Life is a highway.

~songs from the movie Hairspray.

~One Little Slip,Don't Go Breakin My Heart,and Stir It Up from the chicken Little soundtrack. (that is what the kids and I are listening to lately) :p

~Songs from the Shrek movies.

mindyluwho said...

The Boys of Summer-Don Henley
The Eagles Greatest Hits
Jack Johnson

When I was on a road trip last summer and I needed to stay awake I listened to Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Three Steps" over and over again. It's a rockin', keep you awake sort of song!

I'm stuck in the 80's...

Nancy Face said...

I love your far! ;)

I like songs from Disney movies, because just about everyone knows the words and can sing along! :D

Yvonne said...

I came by yesterday and thought I would think about it, but I'm lousy with music. I love so many different songs, but like others I enjoy the Disney CD's. Believe me there's nothing better than having Allan sing the beginning of "The Circle of Life" ; )

Jill said...

Seriously, you've never heard of Rock Lobster?

So sad.

I just bought a Journey box set at Costco. $19.95.
I LOVE it! It would be great driving music.
I've been listening to the CDs (and singing to them) while I work. (don't worry, I work at home)
My toddler can now sing "Lights" by Journey.
I'ts too cute for words.

Lena said...

ANY Beach Boys song is great for road trips. And don't forget the Oakridge Boys "Elvira mmm bop a mmm bop a mow mow.."

Mimi said...

How about you let me pick out a bunch of songs for road trips? I make sure that they all keep you awake, and dont put me to sleep. I'll get right on that.Ha ha.

tobymine said...

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield!

And there's a band called Mae that I absolutely adore for road trips. I like just about anything though that I can sing to. :)

Stacey Tate said...

What no show tunes????? And you call yourselves mormons!! We just got back from a long road trip tonight--SLC to OC. Listened to Les Mis a couple of times. Had to keep screening Master of the House.

ganelle said...

I'm a seasonal kind of gal. In the summer my playlist has more Hooters and Outfield, in the winter, I like more Journey and Billy Joel.

Yikes! I think everything I just named comes out of the 80s!