Saturday, April 4, 2009

Link Love

Here's what's going down!

Giveaways are going on at mormonmommyblogs! And their Shelf Reliance stuff looks sa-weet!

Shelf Reliance is offering Thrive Essentials Sample Pack. The Essentials Pack comes with six #10 cans of some of the most popular Thrive food storage items! Contents of the sample pack include: Whole Wheat flour, Hard White Winter Wheat, Instant Rice, Freeze-Dried Strawberries, Potato Chunks, and Small Red Beans.

Looks amazing, so head over there.


My friend Mrs. X could really use your help, even if it's just moral support-wise. I've never actually met her, but we've been blogging buddies for awhile now, and she's got such a good heart! It seems really unfair when it's so difficult to just do the right thing!!

Also --
My dessert mentor/guru/and chef extraordinaire Amy has posted a couple of menus that would be great for Conference Weekend this week, or even for Easter next weekend. Head over, and while you're there, check out her Apron Giveaway. She always has such amazing stuff!

And her recipe for Caramel Syrup? I will never go back to Aunt Jemima again. It's that good.

This year I'm trying the Overnight French toast pancakes.



goddessdivine said...

The sample pack seems a bit pricey at $75. But that's just me.

Maybe I'll go check out the apron giveaway.....

Amy Peterson said...

We are having the overnight peach french toast too--It's one of my favorites! Happy Conference Weekend!

Mrs. X said...

Thank you so much Randi. ♥♥♥