Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dom Called Me a Liar!

So the host of the morning radio show I was listening to yesterday called 84% of SAHMs (Stay at home moms) liars. Apparently some study came out that said only 16% of SAHMs would admit that they had a favorite child. Thus, in his estimation, the other 84% must be lying, because as everyone knows, all parents have a favorite child, and just won't admit it. That's hilarious coming from a guy who has only one kid. Of course He has a favorite!!

You know, though, upon further reflection, it occurs to me that he was absolutely right. I do have a favorite. I have LOTS of favorites. My favorite child to cook with is amazing. This kid actually measures everything, and cleans up afterward! My favorite child to discuss politics and church principles with is so good at considering opinions and weighing them and responding in a thoughtful manner - without trashing the opinion of the other side. My favorite child to do crafts with is so creative, and comes up with things I would never imagine, that are wonderful. I even have a favorite child to watch in a dance performance. This kid is really good, and I really admire the uninhibited moves.
I also have a favorite child to take to a museum, tell Jeff Foxworthy jokes with, go clothes shopping, take on a road trip, and work with in the yard. Are these favorites all about the same kid? Not even close!

Does this mean that I don't enjoy cooking (or creating, or discussing, or dancing) with my other 3? Of course not. I love being with all of them, and as they develop their talents, who knows? Favorite spots flip around all the time. (Note to any of my children who might be reading this: Cleaning up can really flip you into a favorite spot very quickly, no matter what the activity!)

Does it mean that I don't love all my kids equally? Nope. I love them all with all my heart, I just don't love them all the same way - - Which I think is GOOD! Or is it just me?


Heather said...

That sums it up perfectly.

I have also heard that you have a favorite child for different periods of your/their life. Like your last newborn, etc..

Hope4Hannah said...

Hm.... So since
I cleaned the kitchen today that must mean I'm pretty far up there on the whole favorites list.... I mean, I know I already was the Fav. but now Lucy will have a hard time even compairing to me anymore..