Sunday, April 8, 2007

Family Fun

I have a LOT of fun with my family. As I was a bit stressed out this afternoon I decided to turn on The Sound of Music dvd, and give everyone an assignment to be in charge of cooking something for our Easter dinner. As everyone started gathering and cooking, the kitchen became very crowded, but we all had a goal and we were all enjoying the movie - singing along and chatting as we each did our thing. It was really fun. I was thinking that these are my favorite times, and though I know that my family will grow and change, I don't know if it can ever really be as fun as it is right now. The good times have been really good.

The cooking assignments went as follows:
The Brain smoked a brisket (and it was GOOD)
Buddy made Lemon Mousse Pie
Hannah made deviled eggs
Lizzie made 3 cheese scalloped potatoes
Mimi made fruit salad with Lime-Mint dressing.
My jobs were the Grean Beans Almondine, setting the table, and cleaning up during the prep process.
When my brother and his family came over, they brought homemade rolls!
It was a GREAT dinner, and everyone did a great job. After dinner we played games and watched the little kids run around and play. They are so cute, and it's really fun to see all the things they can do.

AND the Amazing Race was on tonight! We are down to the last 4 teams. SADLY my favorite team - Uchenna and Joyce got eliminated tonight. What were they thinking?? Taking an international flight with only an hour to connect in Frankfurt?!?! They missed it by about 5 minutes, which put them a WHOLE day behind everyone else. Oh Well. Now I don't know who to root for.

All in all, it was a good day.

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