Saturday, April 21, 2007

Prom Extravaganza

So I told my sister a couple of days ago that I was doing the Prom Night Dinner at my house.
"Ooooo!" She gushed, "I've always thought that would be so fun!"
"Yeah, I think it's going to be good. Want to help me figure out a menu?" I ask.
Absolutely. What's your theme?
Well, you have a theme, right?
Ummm... ....Well of course I have a theme! Do I ever make dinner without a theme? Hello?

...... Right.

As it turns out, Prom Dinners in Southern Utah where my sister lives (which we all know is a different country) are an event in and of themselves. These soirees usually entail appetizers and mixing, games, dinner, dessert, and party favors. All this before they go to the actual party (PROM) and then of course, the AFTER Prom Party. I am not making this up! If you want ALL the information, I will further tell you that BEFORE the Prom Dinner, there is what is called a Day Date. During the day of the Prom, as part of this date event weekend, these 16 year old's have an outdoorsy date, such as mountain biking or paint balling. Have I lost you yet? Because I am seriously still not making this up. This whole thing is a 20 hour long extravaganza, requiring no less than 3 separate outfits, and beginning with a Sunrise Commitment Ceremony. OK, I made that last thing up.

And I thought I was just volunteering to make dinner for some kids in fancy clothes.

Here in Colorado (otherwise known as The Mission Field) I have been blissfully oblivious to the 24 hour Prom Date phenomenon. Not that I'm opposed to it, but it does seem like a rather intense commitment, doesn't it? I mean - "sure, I'll go to a dance with you " is one thing.... "sure, I'll spend the next 20 hours with you non-stop", is something completely different. I'm not sure I knew any guys in my high school that i would have made that kind of a commitment for, with the possible exception of Rob Krieger. (which probably explains a lot about my high school dating years.) But that topic waits for another post...

So I have been working on dinner and games and favors (and prom dresses and hair) for the past couple of days. I will say that I'm having a great time with it. Hopefully it will be as much fun for our Prom goers to be there as it was for me to do all the planning. If it goes well, I'll post a picture or two tomorrow.
And just for inquiring minds, the "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme was rejected by the planning committee chair (Hannah). The current super fancy theme: "Italian".


Stephanette said...

Okay, Randi...when i saw that you are a fellow blogger I had to check you out. I'm delurking.
This post cracked me up. I soooo understand "the mission field" vs. the "separate country - UT Valley." Glad to see it went well! ~Stephanie

JustRandi said...

Thanks! And thanks for dropping by!

Baby J said...

haha it's very true. You figure out a lot about the people in your 24-hour group of friends.

Stump Home said...

New reader to your blog here....but this post gave me a bout of hearty laughter that I so needed. I grew up in MI, and Prom was reserved to going out to a nice dinner...arriving to prom in Dad's nice car (or a limo w/ a bunch of friends pitching in on the cost, if you were lucky), the dance and the big TURN down of boys propositions. You catch my drift. :-) When I moved to Utah after graduating, I was there for a year. I went to my grandparents home ward. I was amazed to see kids showing up in their prom outfits the following day @ church. Upon inquiring I learned about the marathon dates that only happen in Utah. I was amazed....and this post made me smile. Thanks!

CaROlInE said...

Well, this phenomenon sadly is not reserved to Utah. Here in Arizona we do that. . . for homecoming, winter formal, prom, the spring fling. . .even for the "cheap" dances. And we even have to ask/answer cute and fancy. Who would dare think it's okay to just ask (gasp!) outright? No, no, no, that's just not how it works here.

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap. Seriously? I know I'm, like 2 years late on this one... Sadly I grew up in the 'mission field' (sentance heavily dipped in snark juice) So we just, you know, had dinner, went to prom. And Prom was kinda lame ::shrug:: The big tri-stake dances we'd have were way more fun. But then again we had a total of maaaaybe 5 LDS kids in my HS growing up. and we were all like siblings. totally dampened the date options. :c)