Friday, August 14, 2009

Look Out Bridgette Jones

Mimi has a new tagline on her text messages.

Every time she sends a message, the last line is:
And every time I get a message from her, I actually subconsciously read it in my mind with a British accent.

Cheeky girl.


Dave said...

on second thought, let's not go to camelot. 'tis a silly place.


Stacey said...

Someone has their knockers in a twist.



Kimberly said...

Clever, clever girl. Everything sounds better with a British accent...well, wait, let me amend that...rather depends on what part of Britain, actually.

Yvonne said...

She must be just like her momma ; )

mormonhermitmom said...

I think that was supposed to be "knickers".

I reckon the Scots are more robust, an it's great to say, "Aye Captain!" and "up yoor kilt"


Becky said...

I'm trying to read all your comments in a British accent but they keep coming out Irish. Or Australian.


That Girl said...

I think that might be my new trick while waiting on the end of customer service.

beckers said...

Makes me want to text her just to see the tagline on her response!!

Loralee and the gang... said...

I love it when there are characters in a show or movie with a british - no, better yet, an Australian accent! It makes me listen closer to what they are saying. (Maybe my hubby should get an accent - then any arguments about how I 'never' listen to what he says will diminish!)

Melissa said...

Who doesn't love a British accent? :D