Wednesday, April 20, 2011

of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax

My favorite kind of post.  Random, with an even more random title.  I have a lot to say these days, and nothing to say.    Basically, things are busy, some days are better than others, and somehow the world just keeps on turning no matter how many times I stomp my foot and say I'm not playing anymore.

So here is an update of the random that has been going on - in no order whatsoever:
  • It occurred to me this morning that I forgot to use the basil I planted last summer to make pesto.  Or for anything else.  Maybe this year the basil will get planted in a spot where I don't have to walk around the back of the house to see it.  Also - could someone text me every 2 weeks or so this summer and remind me to use the basil? 
  • I have finally run out of Gingerbread Tea.  And by "run out" I mean - I just opened my last box.  And I have already scoured the grocery store and there is no sign of it. As you might imagine, this makes me very anxious. Thank goodness for the Internets. 
  • Hannah and I have just completed season one of Hoarders.  We would gag our way through an episode, and then come upstairs and clean something to make ourselves feel better.   Lizzie wouldn't watch it more than once no matter how we begged her to come downstairs with us.  Between you and me, I think the gag reflex on that little germophobe daughter works overtime. Mimi likes to watch with us when she has time, but she's a pretty busy chick these days.
  •  Also speaking of Hannah - we are up to our ears in Mexican food.   Hannah craved it so much that we started a habit of eating it pretty much all the time.  Not that it bothers me.  At ALL.  In fact, I feel sure I am getting close to having queso dip running through my veins and it's quite a happy sensation. Pretty sure my transformation will be complete by Easter.  
  • In other news: our new bishop is a democrat.  Someone asked me on Sunday if I still thought the church is true.   I may have to get back to you on that.**
  • I have a stake calling right now and I truly stink at it.  I'm sure the president is wondering what the heck she has gotten herself into.  When I told The Brain last night that I was going to just call and say I can't do it anymore, he wanted to know why - - and then proceeded to tell me that if I would just get in and DO it, I would feel so much better.  I hate when he's right. 
  • Diet Coke and I are better friends than ever.   I keep thinking that giving it up would be a good idea, but then I remember that I am pretty much surviving on it right now.   So I guess that's out.   Seriously my comfort foods are Diet Coke, mashed potatoes, and tapioca pudding.  If I gave up Diet Coke I would be as big as a house.
  • Speaking of which, I am starting a new challenge on Monday.  This one is only 8 weeks long, but it's focused on weight loss and fitness this time.  The last couple of challenges I've been involved in I have wanted to do well.... but this one I want to WIN.  Stay out of my way if you're playing.  There will be No Mercy.
  • I'm signed up for the Utah Valley Half Marathon in June.  I feel good, and am quite ready to start running longer than the 4 milers I've been doing for the last month or so.  I just hope I can keep the migraines under control this summer.   I've got 2 more 1/2's in mind for the summer, and I'm going to see how it goes before I decide on a full marathon for the fall.  The half is really my favorite distance -- but the full marathon seems like so much more of an accomplishment.  
  • This morning I had an awesome run in a misty rain.  Thank heaven for wonderful running partners who will show up even if it's cold and rainy.  My running partners are the main reason my running continues.

      **For the record I actually really love our new bishop, as does everyone I know.



        jjstringham said...

        I can't think of anything funny or witty to say, but. . . .

        FIRST!!!! :D

        Barbaloot said...

        Fun to have this kind of post. Feels like playing catch up after all the weeks we missed:)

        I love running in the rain!! I hate half marathons, but running one in the rain might be kind of pleasant.

        Celeste said...

        He is a donkey?? He hides it so well...=) (I do love him too.)

        Kristina P. said...

        Can't wait for my 44 oz. Diet Coke, later this morning.

        And now I'm craving Mexican food and watching an Al Gore movie.

        ganelle said...

        I'm just so glad you're back! I feel less alone about my diet coke, ummm, "issues" when I read your posts. :)

        And while you may be wondering about a democrat for a bishop, there is a small group in my ward that would probably be celebrating. Its a bit of a club over here.

        Katie said...

        Mexican Food is delicious. When Daniel and Charbel are in littleton, my parents might have to invite you over. Charbel makes the best mexican food :)

        And I'm probably doing the UV 5k! yay! Way to go on the 1/2 marathon. 13ish miles is way too much for me. lol

        Dave said...

        john cleese's name on fawlty towers is Basil... speaking of Kings...

        goddessdivine said...

        A Democrat for a bishop would test my faith.

        kristi.runyan said...

        I'll call you every time I "harvest" my basil.
        I think I have some gingerbread tea you can have - did you check the tea closet when you were here?
        yum, mexican food.

        Yvonne said...

        LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the title of the post.

        I want to know how you can eat Mexican food and still stay under that calorie intake???? I also have a feeling tapioca pudding will not be included.

        I don't think I've ever watched a full episode of hoarders--don't think I could.

        Catherine said...

        Man you brought a smile to my face this morning! So good to have your posts back. :)

        Jennifer said...

        1st Mom and Matt have Gingerbread if I were you I'd get something to barter with...(Matt likes Nickles)

        Misty morning runs sound fabulous! And good running partners make life so much happier. I am so glad you are running, because I love getting to run in the am with you when we are together. :)

        Loralee and the gang... said...

        I know what you mean about your is it that anyone LDS can be a Democrat? I know, I know, some Democrats are Pro-life, but...?

        Carol said...

        I love your random posts Randi!

        rocslinger said...

        I have an idea that will work for both this post and the one previous. Put on your to do list to take the Celestial Seasonings tour, its in Boulder, and score some Gingerbread tea at the factory store.

        Tammy said...

        I love your random thoughts Randi. I've been going through serious withdrawals! Hurray that you are blogging again! You make me smile and laugh!