Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are We Not All Teenagers?

No matter how old we get, somewhere inside us lurks an insecure 14 year old - just waiting to surface.
This morning I'm blogging at Mormon Momma. I'd LOVE for you to come on over and add to the discussion! Of course, I always love it when you come back and comment here as well.


Kimberly said...

You know what's sad? I got stuck at age 9. ~sigh~ So know the feeling you're describing. Have fun over there!

"Vern" said...

I have been stunned to learn how much we haven't changed since we (women) first discovered our insecurities. For the first time in the 12 years I have lived here I've managed to find a group of friends in my ward that totally click and we've had a blast together. The crappy part is that over the past year we've been criticized for not inviting everybody from the ward when we do things socially. So I have another question: Once you find a group of women that you really get along with, shouldn't you be allowed to do things socially that don't include the entire Relief Society? The ones having the biggest problems with it are the ones carrying the most baggage from their youth, and I don't think that's my fault, nor is it my problem to solve. Does that make me the devil? Sorry, these frustrations are very fresh. I've wanted to talk about this on my own blog, but too many women from my ward read that one!!

JustRandi said...

It's a problem either way, isn't it? No friends, too good of friends? I don't know the answer, though I think for myself I would probably continue my social life and try to keep it a little quieter.
As long as you're not making exclusive announcements in RS, I think you're good.

Heather said...

Great article! Our ward is really struggling with this. With about 2 families moving in each week, everyone feels new and everyone feels neglected.

I would have commented on the orig. but my computer was having issues.

kristen said...

That's a tough situation.....and I hear it in a lot of wards (I've been in many). As a single girl recently grafted into the family ward, it's been a little hard feeling like I fit in. I've been sucked into the Primary presidency, so I do feel somewhat isolated. But, there have been several people in this ward who have extended the hand of fellowship and I have really appreciated it. I have dedicated home teachers and visiting teachers (I really see the value in these programs).

I just get a little bugged when people go to the extreme of being 'offended' because their ward wasn't friendly enough....and then they go inactive. We go to church for the gospel, not the socializing.

JustRandi said...

Vern- I wish you would post your dilemma over on the discussion board. It would give the discussion a new twist, and it would be interesting to see what they think...

Heather - That transitional period of a ward is so hard. It's true.

Kristen - you have valid points. Although I will say that most of the socializing I do in my ward is with the people I'm currently working with. Maybe your presidency would like to go out to lunch sometime??

"Q" said...

Great momma! Good artical.

I really sympathize with Vern/"the devil" You can't please all the people all the time. Why isn't there a support group in the church for women with youth baggage? Maybe that should be an Enrichment group. While were on the subject. I think participating in the Enrichment groups is a great way to not be cliqueE. Its fun and no one can accuse you of being exclusive.

Here is a commercial for E.G:
"I was determined to not like the Enrichment Groups (I still want to call it homemaking!) and found much to my surprise that I like it. Our ward has a lunch group & a cooking group that work for me. Because they are small groups I get to visit with people I usually wouldn't' and enjoy like interests. Food is the interest in this case. I would highly recommend E.G. to any devil woman out there."

We all been there vern! Never feel bad about hanin' with your minions.