Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Updates and Very Random Thoughts

Christmas decorating: I think I'm almost done! The tree made it's debut at Family Home Evening last night, and a picture will be coming. Since I made you look at the before, I guess I owe you the after.
I'll do it in the next couple of days. Today is an especially busy day for me. I'm getting things together for a mutual craft night, and then our ward calendaring meeting after mutual.


I unsubscribed from LDS Gems and Youth LDS gems, so I am either really really going to hell, or I'm totally off the hook. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


My current pet peeve: The word literally. Look, I know I'm not a writer - and I'm fully aware that the grammatical and punctuational errors in this blog alone would take an army of teachers with arsenals of red pencils to correct, so I don't generally spend a lot of time correcting other people's grammar and what not.

But I do think it's generally a good policy to know the meaning of the words you use. And just FYI, the word "literally" is not a substitute for saying "really really". It's a word that tells the reader or listener that you are not using a figure of speech.
A couple of days ago a friend who should have known better ( she has a college degree in journalism for Pete's sake) Told me that on her vacation, it was LITERALLY raining cats and dogs. And I'm thinking how unpleasant that must have been. I hope she didn't get hit by any shitzus.


I took the hymn book home and donated the money. Though if I had mentioned the doodling idea to the girls, I'm sure it would have been a hit.


I'm getting excited about having Buddy and Hannah home for Christmas. They're both contemplating some life changes, so it will be exciting to see their choices. It will be good to have everyone back together for a little while, though.


Are the Word Verifications on people's comment pages getting longer and longer? I swear it takes me more time to copy the dang letters than it does to write my comment. Maybe that's saying more about my mad commenting skilz than about the word verification.

OK forget I brought it up.


Still can't find my pearls. ( sigh...)


Do I sound crabby today? I don't mean to. I'm just antsy about getting everything done. Maybe getting off the internet would be a good start. Ya think? See you tomorrow!


Sue said...

I do the literally thing all the time. Even thought I know what it means.

I can't stand daily emails of inspiration. Too mch pressure.

Kimberly said...

I love randomness inspired posts...I don't know why, I just do.

You're not imagining it about the word verifications. It's a conspiracy, I'm certain of it. No idea what their end goal is, but I feel manipulated.

Good luck getting everything done!

Tori :) said...

I'm gonna go re-read my blog to see if I use "literally" wrong. I probably do. ;)

kristen said...

If you're going to hell, then I'll hitch a ride with you (one way to be more green). Seriously though, I think you're just off the hook.

I hate bad grammar, but I probably use the word 'literally', literally too much (ha, ha!).

You're entitled to have your crabby days, but even then I think you're barely that.

Brooke said...

HI- I'm new here. Happy to have found you!
Ditto! The literally thing could (almost but not literally) drive you crazy!

jjstringham said...

I'm the same way about "literally." I think I've heard the exact same sentence too. I was like "huh? How'd THAT happen?"
And really, what's the point of those word verification things? On ticketmaster, I understand it. But a personal blog? Do you really need it?
Oh, and you don't sound crabby.

Caroline said...

Well, I used literally in my last post. But I used it well. go me. but now I'm debating changing it to say "true story"... literally.

Melissa said...

Hmm... I'm not sure if I use the word literally in the correct way... I'll have to check that out! :)
As for the LDS Gems - my hubby used to get them a long time ago, but I never have. Never will. I have enough to feel guilty about without daily reminders of all the casseroles I should be making for my neighbors... isn't that what the LDS Gems are all about??
It sounds like you've put a lot of work into your holidays... I'm sure it will pay off in a great way!

Tonya said...

I literally know what you mean :p If you see any issues with grammar on my blog, I totally meant to do it. LOL.

I'm excited to see the trees all done up..hurry with the picture.

Yep, the word verification thing is out of control.

Yvonne said...

I don't get the whole word verification thing.

I can't wait to see the pictures of the tree!!! Hope craft night with the girls is a big success.

Nancy Face said...

I LITERALLY laughed my head off at the video you posted Monday! ;)

I was just griping about the word verification thing yesterday! They are getting longer, and the letters are getting smaller...annoying! >:(

Janell said...

Word verification is handy for preventing comment-spamming machines or underpaid interns from posting irrelevant comments to your blog. Why would someone do that? One factor to be higher up on a Google search is how many links are pointing towards your website and what words are around those links. A bonus is if someone who actually visits the blog actually clicks on the link.

Perhaps your pearls are in the pocket of a coat that you only wear on Tuesdays in March?

Jimmy said...

I had to look twice to see if I wrote this entry. It's nice to know that someone normal like you gets peeved by the same things I do.

My word peeve is "amazing." I've complained about it to the point that my friends use it just for the purpose of pushing my buttons. I've heard such things as yogurt described as "amazing", and someone on the news said that Britney Spears is an "amazing" mother. I grew up rooting for the 1969 NY Mets, who had the moniker "the Amazin' Mets" - and they were. A workout is not "amazing".

I had a word verification that I absolutely could not identify the other day. It was so crushed together that I couldn't make it out. I had to get them off my blog.

And I think there literally is a such a concept as too much "inspiration".
Couldn't resist.


Anonymous said...

your bit about the cats and dogs made me literally laugh aloud! still snickering girl, kathleen :)